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Welcome to JNLR's MYMRBI Portal

JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) is a joint industry research project conducted on behalf of the Irish radio industry. JNLR is commissioned and controlled by the JNLR Management Committee with representation from RTE, Today FM, Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) and the Advertising Industry.

The primary objective of the JNLR survey is to provide reliable estimates of audiences to National, Regional and Local Radio, as a basis for the planning of advertising schedules. The secondary objective is to provide radio audience estimates to facilitate programming analysis/planning.

The JNLR data is presented in two parts – (i) week-day listening patterns and (ii) week-end listening patterns. All data is archived on this portal (see ‘Sectors’ to refine your search by region).

Click here for access to the JNLR reports